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EscrowTech is the Right Choice for Software Escrows

EscrowTech was founded in 1992 by a prominent Computer and Internet Law Attorney and an experienced software developer. EscrowTech is the Software Escrow industry leader in legal and technical expertise. Find out for yourself why the majority of today's Fortune 100 companies protect their IP investments with EscrowTech.

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Understanding Software Escrows

Why a Software Escrow

A software escrow protects a software licensee (user of the software) by ensuring that the licensee will have access to the source code in the event that the licensor (developer of the software):

  • Goes out of business (e.g., via bankruptcy)
  • Discontinues support of the licensed software
  • Breaches maintenance obligations
  • Or some other release condition occurs

How a Software Escrow Works

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Select and execute a software escrow agreement that fits your needs.
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The licensor delivers a copy of the source code to EscrowTech via mail or secure FTP.
EscrowTech holds the source code in our state-of-the-art dual facilities.
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EscrowTech releases the source code to the licensee only if a release condition occurs.
EscrowTech returns the source code to the licensor if the software escrow terminates without the occurrence of a release condition.

For more information regarding the purposes and mechanics of a software escrow, please take a look at "Understanding Software Escrows"

What Our Customers Say

"Thanks EscrowTech for over eight years of outstanding service. You have always been willing to go the extra mile for all the parties, but always keep the legal rights of the parties protected. EscrowTech has taken a software requirement which sometimes can be painful and made it a simple process. Keep up the good work." Attorney, Itron, Inc.

"Thanks for all the help. I appreciate how easy and accommodating it was to set up our escrow agreement. I look forward to future business." Sigmaxim, Inc.

"Our experience of EscrowTech over the past 8 years has been a one of complete satisfaction. They are competent, affordable, responsive, and treat you personally in a professional and caring manner. They continue to make it easier to update registration materials, and follow up quickly with our clients whenever a new deposit is uploaded. A great, reliable experience." President, Lyons Information Systems, Inc.

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