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SaaS Escrows


SaaS Overview

Cloud computing has ushered in "Software as a Service" (SaaS) as a viable and growing business solution. This new solution brings efficiencies, scalability and other recognized benefits. But with these benefits also comes risks. EscrowTech's SaaS Escrows are designed to mitigate these risks.

SaaS users are faced with the reality of...

EscrowTech has created cost effective, efficient solutions to streamline the timely availability of SaaS services, applications, and data to the SaaS customer when access to the SaaS vendor's solution is lost. SaaS customers no longer need to worry about the legal and financial risks of implementing and relying on SaaS solutions. EscrowTech has the capability to go live with a substitute SaaS solution within 24 hours or less with the substitute SaaS solution populated with updated SaaS data. EscrowTech has the ability to tailor custom solutions to your acceptable level of risk and budget constraints.

To learn more about SaaS escrows and the various levels of SaaS Escrow solutions provided by EscrowTech click here to watch "SaaS Escrow Overview."

Levels of SaaS Escrow Solutions

SaaS Escrow Service Options: Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Safe keeping of Source Code:
Source code and build instructions are stored in escrow.* x x x
Where SaaS Application Resides:
SaaS object code, configuration files, and other materials are stored in escrow. * x x  
SaaS environment recreated on servers in Data Center. EscrowTech is ready to go live with SaaS vendor's application and SaaS data based on readiness level selected by customer i.e. Hot, Warm, Cold.     x
Transfer of SaaS Data:
EscrowTech receives SaaS data via EscrowTech's online secure deposit submittal or via standard delivery methods. Materials are stored in escrow.* x    
EscrowTech's RealTimeVault receives "secure online streaming deposits" of SaaS data. Online robust file listing reports are available to SaaS customer. Under Level 2 SaaS data is copied monthly onto medio and stored in escrow.* Under Level 3 SaaS data is transferred to Data Center and SaaS application is populated with the SaaS data.   x x
Technical Verification:
Technical Verification is performed on a periodic basis and with each SaaS application update to ensure the SaaS applications and data are ready for use if needed.     x
A SecureReview of SaaS applications and SaaS data are set up online by EscrowTech and reviewed and tested by the SaaS customer on a periodic schedule as defined by the SaaS customer's desired level of readiness.     Upon Request
Setup Fee: N/A $1000 Custom
Annual Fee: $995 /year $2995 /year Custom

*Materials are stored according to EscrowTech's "Two-Site" storage policy. All stored materials burned onto media by EscrowTech are kept on M-Discs, which have a storage life rating of 1000 years plus.
**Starting at stated fee based on data size and deposit frequency.

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